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Tina P
10 Great massage Charity is the best
Alisha D
Excellent Balance of life provides a comforting atmosphere that allows you to fully relax and take in all healing energy needed to heal your body and mind. Whether it’s reiki or massage therapy when I leave, I leave feeling refreshed and centered. I highly recommend Balance of life therapy for all types of energy work. Charity is an amazing therapist who puts your needs first. Her energy is calming and allows you to let go of all the daily stresses. I always look forward to my next appointment.
Donald D
Feel like a new man! The deep tissue work that Charity does is magnificent. I waited too long for my last session, but she found and broke down all of the "golf balls" in my back that were killing me. Charity is very tuned in to how much pressure her clients can take; one session will prove the benefits, I encourage anyone to sign up!
Ashley P
Awesome! Great massage, she is very knowledgeable with knowing where to concentrate - while lettering you know the reasons why and how to rectify. Highly recommend!
Magdalena P
Cupping I love your massage - especially the cupping part. It might be painful but it is helpful!
Nan B
Fantabulicious Massage!!!! I came out of my massage feeling like I had a renewed body! It was healing and relaxing- Perfect!!!
Renee G
Heaven on Earth Charity is the quintessential professional who makes you feel like a spoiled goddess!!!! Beautiful space. Beautiful person. 10 stars out of 5!!!!!
Heather B
Highly Recommended I would highly recommend Charity for massage therapy! I usually see her for relaxation, but when I have had specific issues such as shoulder pain or headaches, Charity has provided needed relief as well as great suggestions for things I can do at home to help. Her practice is set in a welcoming and professional atmosphere which helps me to immediately relax. Charity's talent, approach and bodywork knowledge has helped me to feel my best!
Cindy W
Reikki session I love my sessions with Charity. I always leave refreshed and energized. Great job!
Amy L
You should go! I would not hesitate to recommend Charity. She takes the time to listen to your wants and concerns. My massage exceeded my expectations.
Nicole G
Great Massage Therapist! Charity is a great massage therapist. Very knowledgeable and thorough. Accommodating being a new mom and work schedule. Charity offers many massage services for specific needs. I went to Charity once a month during my pregnancy and now I am seeing her after to get body to recover. Highly recommended!
Madison H
I had a very enjoyable experience! While receiving my massage I was asked whether the pressure was okay, and where i was experiencing the most pain, and all my needs/wants were beyond exceeded. My experience was very positive with the relaxing music and heated table. I will definitely be going back as soon as possible!
Andy O
Love Charity and Balanced Life Massage Therapy Not only is Charity extremely skilled and effective when it comes to massage, she is also helpful with all aspects of life. She is able to help with all of your massage needs, and hep to identify issues/situations that you might be dealing with that you don't even realize, and offer some great advice. I can't say enough great things about her, I'd go see her weekly if I could.
Tina P
Shoothing and relaxing I look forward to my massage every month. This is my hour to just relax. I am very comfortable with Charity she has a great personality and is a fabulous Masseuse
Richard F
Great massage Great atmosphere. Charity is very inviting and I have already booked another massage. Highly recommended !!!
Joe B
The Highlight of My Month! I am blessed to know Charity and have had the experience of her terrific massage skills on several occasions. I have been her customer for over a year and I re-book monthly. She's conscientious about your body and targeting areas of focus, where needed. She provides a relaxing environment during each session and provides a level of conversation suitable to your preferences. Lastly, she takes pride in her work and is truly dedicated to her profession. She's continually learning new skills and techniques for the purpose of serving her clients. I highly recommend Balanced Life Massage Therapy!
Shannon D
Best massage Charity is very attentive to what I need worked on, and the atmosphere is always relaxing.
Ric P
5 stars :)
Magdalena P
Thank You! I love the cupping!!!! My back feels much better. Hope next time it will help with the neck as well:-)
Susie A
High praise for Charity and Balance Life Massage and Therapy! Balanced Life Massage Therapy is wonderful! There is no way my review will do justice, but I am going to try. When I went for my first massage I was a little apprehensive... I mean you don't take your clothes off and have a stranger touch your body everyday, right? Charity immediately put me at ease, she is warm, welcoming, and yet at the same time very professional. Charity let me know what to expect, asked me what my pain issues were, and answered any questions I had. I have been going to Balanced Life Massage Therapy pretty consistently for probably close to 2 years now. The massage is always fabulous, she always asks "what's going on this week, what hurts or is bothering you". Charity addresses whatever pains and complaints I throw at her. I always leave feeling relaxed and renewed. One of the things about Charity I am impressed with is she is always striving to be more knowledgable in order to meet her clients needs and address issues. I highly recommend scheduling a massage with Charity, your body will thank you!
Tina P
Best ever Best ever
Best Massage Ever Charity is a great massage therapist. She really knows how to read what her clients need. I always feel amazing after a massage!